Women and Violent Crimes

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Do Women Commit Violent Crimes?

Violent Crimes are sometimes associated with male criminals and convicts, however trends are proving the number of female inmates in prison is rising. Not all women in jail are incarcerated because of violent crimes, however, it is important to note certain factors which might affect female incarceration; both causes and effects.  

Incarcerated women show higher signs of mental health issues and previous abuse as compared to men. The NRCJIW (2016) reported that women in the justice system meet the criteria for PTSD at a ratio of 1 in 3. This report also stated that at least 50% of women in the justice system have faced some kind of abuse, physical or emotional, throughout their lifetime.

The number of women in prison, who are incarcerated due to a violent offense, is determined to be 1 in 3 ( less than that for men which is about 1 in 2 incarcerated males). An important factor in this trend is that a large percentage of those women incarcerated for a violent offense say they committed the offense against an intimate partner. 

Although the justice system is based on equality before the law, that is everyone should be treated without prejudice and protected by the laws, it should be noted that women charged with certain crimes, like violent crimes, do warrant certain considerations when building their defense. Having a defense attorney who understands the law, has years of trial experience, and will defend you zealously, is crucial, especially as a woman charged with a violent crime.  

Are there legal defenses for women and domestic violence?

In Michigan, the defense strategy known as “Battered Woman Syndrome (BWS)” can be used in a limited way. Since 1992, courts have allowed for BWS to be used in the defendant’s case. Using BWS as a defense strategy is limited in Michigan because expert testimony can only describe the symptoms and signs of such a syndrome, not rule definitively if the defendant has suffered or continues to suffer. Of course, all cases are unique and not all cases will need to present such as strategy. Nevertheless, understanding the aspects of Michigan law is important in the defense strategy. 

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