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Facing criminal charges in Flint or anywhere within Genesee County, Michigan can lead to severe consequences in the event of a conviction, including civil penalties, fines, and incarceration. 

In cases of felony charges such as Assault, Domestic Violence, Burglary, or Murder, your choice of a criminal defense attorney significantly influences the outcome. Convictions for these felonies can result in severe consequences with lifelong implications. 

Retaining a seasoned Flint Criminal Defense attorney, like Ashlee Duplessis, is crucial to grasp the gravity of your circumstances. The prosecution does not have your best interests in mind; that responsibility falls upon us, your defense team. Ashlee wholeheartedly dedicated to your defense, enhances the likelihood of achieving a fair and equitable resolution.

Facing a criminal case in Flint

Felony Charges

In Michigan, assault charges can be either misdemeanors or felonies depending on the severity and circumstances of the crime. It depends on whether there was a threat or an actual battery. It also depends on whether or not serious bodily injury occurred or if weapons were involved.

Michigan’s drug possession regulations classify controlled substances into various schedules according to their perceived potential for abuse and risk. Penalties for drug possession are contingent upon the specific substance type and quantity in question. When it comes to Schedule I and II substances, possessing over 50 grams can potentially lead to a felony charge, carrying the potential for several decades of imprisonment and fines reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There’s two types of robbery in our state; armed and unarmed. Being charged with armed robbery is one of the most serious offenses one could face. It can result in life in prison.

In cases of criminal sexual conduct, the presence of a witness other than the victim is not necessary. An offense is also considered more severe depending on the age of the alleged victim. Moreover, should a conviction result in a sentence less than a life term, the statute mandates electronic monitoring for the remainder of the offender’s life.

When facing homicide charges in Michigan, you confront serious legal consequences. Accusations of both manslaughter and murder are substantial, necessitating the assistance of a highly skilled defense attorney to navigate any investigations or charges.