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Firearm laws in Michigan are prosecuted severely and carry mandatory minimum sentences (which is rare in Michigan as compared to other states). If you are charged with committing an offense like carrying a felony while in the commission of a felony you could be facing an uphill battle, especially without the aid of an experienced felony criminal defense attorney like Attorney Ashlee Duplessis. It is recommended to retain a criminal defense attorney when facing felony firearm charges. Contact us today by clicking here

What are Michigan’s Gun Laws?

There are two general distinctions when it comes to understanding Michigan’s felony gun laws. The first is called “Felon in Possession of a Firearm.” If a person previously convicted of a felony has not served their full probation period, has not paid all their fines or restitutions, or it has not been 3 years since the stipulations stated have been completed then they could be charged with this offense, which is also a felony. This statute also prohibits individuals from transporting, buying, selling, or manufacturing ammunition.

The second distinction, which is also what most people assume when they hear the term “Felony Firearm” is that of being in possession or carrying a weapon while in the commission of a felony. If a person is in the act of committing a burglary, battery, or assault, and they are carrying a firearm or are in possession of a firearm they could be charged simultaneously with a felony firearm charge. Brandishing or threatening someone with a gun is not necessary for conviction. If convicted of this and the felony they were in the process of committing they could be serving two consecutive sentences. The state has imposed harsh penalties when it comes to this offense. This offense carries no possibility of parole and if convicted a person faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 2 years for the first offense, 5 for the second, and 10 for the third. There are defenses that an experienced criminal defense attorney can bring up to minimize the possibility of being convicted. For example, the prosecution must prove that the defendant was in-reach of a gun. Simply being the owner of a firearm is not enough for a felony firearm charge.

Other Michigan Firearm Laws

Michigan has a few other firearm statutes in the books that criminalize certain actions. Carrying weapons and carrying concealed weapons in some situations or places is against the law. For example, Carrying a Concealed Weapon without a license is a crime, this includes having it inside a vehicle. Certain weapons are also illegal to carry like bombs or short-barreled shotguns. It is also illegal to carry weapons in some places like courts, churches, and other areas. 


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Firearm offenses are prosecuted harshly in Michigan. Felony Firearm offenses and other Michigan laws can severely impact your life and future. It is essential that you have a Detroit attorney who will be in your corner every step of the way. If you or a loved one is facing firearm charges in Michigan, call Duplessis Law to ensure your rights are protected!