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Robbery is a crime that occurs when someone takes another person’s property. Be it a phone, wallet, or bag. No one wants to be accused or face charges of robbery. In Michigan, the government needs to prove that the defendant (the person accused of the crime) was present at the time of the occurrence and that they used force, violence, or fear to commit the theft.

Larceny the common law definition of theft, it occurs when someone takes another person’s property with the goal of depriving them of said property permanently. Robbery on the other hand has the added element of the use of force. 

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Robbery Laws in Michigan


Michigan Unarmed Robbery

There are two different types of Robbery in Michigan. Let’s look at what Unarmed Robbery means. MCL 750.530 defines unarmed robbery as occurring when someone, in the course of committing larceny (theft) of any money or property, uses force or violence against the person present. 

Anyone who is found guilty of the above-mentioned crime can face a felony charge and if convicted they’ll see no more than 15 years of imprisonment. A situation like this could be a person running out of a store with goods and assaulting a storeowner or security guard. However, there needs to be a convincing element of ‘fear’ instilled in the victim. 

Even though this crime is an ‘unarmed’ crime and the fact that the theft need not be successful, anyone facing this charge can benefit from a criminal defense lawyer. All felony charges in Michigan carry the potential for large fines, prison time, and serious consequences. 

Michigan Armed Robbery

Armed Robbery is one of the most serious crimes a person could be charged with. Armed Robbery is a capital offense. This does not mean you face the death penalty since Michigan does not have capital punishment. However, it does mean you could face life in prison. If anyone is injured in the process of the robbery then the defendant could face a mandatory minimum sentence of 2 years.

MCL 750.529 defines Armed Robbery as when a person while committing a robbery is in possession of a dangerous weapon (or claims to be in possession) can be found guilty of armed robbery. 

The 4 elements described above need to be proven in order to be convicted of this crime. These 4 elements are:

  1. There was larceny being committed 
  2. There was a victim present during the act
  3. The defendant was in possession of a dangerous weapon
  4. There was force, violence, or threats of violence against a victim

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