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Criminal Sexual Conduct Attorney

Drivers License & Traffic

After your license has been revoked, you must apply to courts to have it restored and attend a Driver License Appeal Division Hearing. I can help you with the entire process, be by your side at court, and defend your rights aggressively.

Detroit Domestic Violence Lawyer

DUI & Possession

Drug or alcohol DUIs are charged generally in the same way: license suspension, jail time, DUI education, probation, fines and fees. Penalties are worse for repeat offenders. I will represent your case and defend your rights.

Felony Charges

Felony Charges

Serious crimes punishable by more than a year in prison are separated into eight classes in the state of Michigan. The weight of sentencing varies according to the classification of the charges associated with the crime.

Detroit Aggravated Assault Lawyer

Expungement Services

Five years after your conviction, prison release, or discharge from parole you are eligible to have your records set aside. See if you qualify to start with a clean slate.

Criminal Sexual Conduct Attorney

Misdemeanor Charges

Though not considered as serious as a felony crime, misdemeanors can have a lasting impact on the lives involved. These crimes usually are punishable by a fine or short jail time. Let me help you reduce or have them dismissed altogether.

Detroit Assault Lawyer

Juvenile Court

Parents with children in juvenile court often face many questions and emotions. The law treats minors differently from adults. I can help you navigate through and find the best outcome for you.

Ashlee Duplessis- Assault And Battery Lawyers Detroit

Meet Ashlee Duplessis, Defense Attorney

I love serving the people of Michigan as a defense attorney. I represented Michigan inmates suing the Department of Corrections in Federal Court for violations of their civil rights. My experience and passion can help guide you to win your criminal case.

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Every client is a top priority for me. 

Assault Lawyer in Detroit

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