Statutory Rape

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Michigan’s Statutory Rape Laws

Criminal Sexual Conduct is how Michigan classifies unwanted, unlawful, and/or unconsented sexual conduct, it’s usually abbreviated as CSC. There’s 4 degrees of CSC in Michigan, the first 3 degrees are felonies and 4th Degree CSC is a misdemeanor. All of these varying degrees can result in serious, long-term, consequences. 

Depending on the CSC charge, having any sexual conduct with a person under the age of consent, is what is known as an ‘aggrevating factor.’ This means that a charge’s penalties can be enhanced, or in other words, made worse for the defendant. 

2nd Degree CSC is defined as unwanted purposeful touching, groping, or molesting of a person under 13 years old. 

3rd Degree CSC is what is usually referred to as the ‘statutory rape’ law in Michigan. This charge involves engaging in ‘unwanted sexual conduct or rape’ of a person 13 to 16 years old. It also includes provisions for teachers, educators, or school district employees. For example, if the student was 16 to 18 and the defendant is a teacher then they can also be charged with this crime.

Does Michigan have a ‘Statutory Rape’ Law?

Michigan does not have in its books a law which uses the words ‘statutory rape.’ However, this phrase is used by most people to refer to the act of having sex with a minor. Specifically, in Michigan it is a charge brought forth when someone has some sort of sexual conduct with a person who is under the state’s age of consent. In Michigan, the age of consent is 16. 


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