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  • With all odds stacked against our client, we came out triumphant after the jury found them Not Guilty of 1st Degree Murder. Our client was facing a life sentence and after a hung jury and local media coverage, we had an uphill battle to retain their innocence. They are now back home after being held in Kalamazoo County Jail for the last 3 years. We are happy to be able to restore balance back to their life and hope the Kalamazoo Police Department will continue to make new developments in the case and find justice for the victim and the victim’s family.

  • Felony larceny from a motor vehicle expunged against a very deserving client after fifty years in Macomb County.
  • Felony delivery/ manufacture of a controlled substance expunged from client’s record after 10 years in Oakland County.
  • ¬†Assault case dismissed after a successful evidentiary hearing regarding police destruction of evidence in Detroit.
  • Case dismissed at preliminary exam clearing my client of 2 counts of felonious assault, 4th degree child abuse and domestic violence.

  • Justice found in A 20-year-old CSC case. For 20 years our client has felt the weight of false allegations and after being found Not Guilty, this Wayne County resident is finally able to live in peace. Facing a life sentence on a charge that has been pushed off for two decades due to lack of evidence, this battle has finally come to an end. Our client will live out the remainder of their life without the dark cloud that these allegations once brought on.

  • 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct for 17 year old client reduced to HTYA and no jail time in Washtenaw County.
  • 1st degree criminal sexual conduct for 17 year old client reduced to HYTA and no jail time in Washtenaw County.

Sexual Conduct

guardian building

Domestic Violence

Client able to continue serving for our country and maintain custody after Not Guilty verdict. Our client was charged with Domestic Violence and strangulation after a verbal disagreement in the home. False allegations such as this can deeply impact both our client’s career and child, but the Jury was quick to return their Verdict of Not Guilty after only 30 minutes of deliberation. Now, our client can maintain custody and continue serving our country.

Father of two found not guilty at trial of 4th degree child abuse, domestic violence, and assault in battery in Detroit.

Domestic violence case dismissed against mother attempting to pick her child up from joint parenting time in Detroit.

Young man in Macomb County gets charge of Domestic Violence dismissed, as well as a felony probation violation and Personal Protection Order.

Domestic violence and malicious destruction of property dismissed at final pretrial against young man in detroit.

Not guilty verdict at trial for man charged with assault by strangulation and domestic violence in Washtenaw County.

Male charged with assault by strangulation, domestic violence, and interference with a telecommunications device reduced to misdemeanor aggravated domestic violence in Washtenaw County.

DUI & Possession

Man in Oakland County granted a full license by the Secretary of State after his driving privileges had been revoked for 20 years due to multiple OWIs.

Operating While Intoxicated dismissed for male client in Crawford County.

Operating while visibly impaired dismissed on directed verdict against female teenager in Detroit.

Double felony drug expungement granted for Oakland County client. He can now start his new job with a clean record.

Other Succesful Cases

  • Stalking and Malicious Use of Telecommunications Device dismissed against female client in Detroit.
  • Malicious Destruction of Property, throwing objects at vehicles causing property damage, and littering dismissed against teenage boy with payment of restitution in Wayne County.
  • Felony expungement was granted for a 73-year-old client who had been plagued by charges from 1966.
  • Motion granted to return a client’s child to their loving home after 7 long months of seperation.