Domestic Violence and the holidays

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Charged with Domestic Violence during the holiday season?

As the holidays approach they can bring with them several factors that increase the risk of domestic violence taking place. Family gatherings, travel planning, increased spending and higher rates of alcohol consumption all have the potential to increase relationship stress and the possibility for violence to take place.

Further, family and friends will likely be reuniting this year following smaller gatherings due to Covid. While it’s exciting for everyone to be able to gather, these reunions are likely to lead to divisive conversations surrounding Covid and politics. It’s easy to see why these conversations may get heated and lead to explosive situations.

As these situations unfold, they can quickly escalate and lead to you or a loved one being placed under arrest and charged with domestic violence. Many times these charges can lead to confusion and disagreement about how events played out. It’s important that you understand the severity of a domestic violence charge and seek experienced legal counsel as soon as possible to help you navigate the road ahead.

What to do if you’re arrested

Following your arrest, you should document exactly what you remember happening with as much detail as possible. Include the chronological timeline of events, each person that was present or involved, any substances or impairments that you remember, and exact words, actions, and violence as it played out. Having this detailed information prepared before meeting with an attorney will greatly help the attorney to understand what took place and how to best proceed with your case.

As the meeting with your attorney approaches, prepare questions that you have regarding your case and how it will be handled. Ensure that your attorney has successfully handled a case similar to yours and that you fully understand what you are being charged for their representation.
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