Assault with Intent to Murder in Michigan

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What is Assault with Intent to Murder Charges in Michigan?

Assault and Battery in Michigan is an umbrella term for a variety of crimes. There are misdemeanor and felony charges that can be levied against someone depending on specific circumstances. For a person to be charged with Assault with Intent to Murder means the prosecution must prove guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecution must prove the defendant attacked someone but also that the defendant had intent to kill. 

In Michigan, being convicted of Assault with Intent to Murder has key distinctions than other assault and battery conviction. A conviction of intent to maim versus one of intent to murder can be the difference of up to 10 years in prison or life in prison. This same crucial difference can be applied to other convictions like Assault with Intent to cause Great Bodily Harm which equally has a sentence of 10. 

Aggravating Factors and Associated Criminal Charges

  • Assault and Battery in Michigan are two separate definitions. Assault is the unsuccessful attempt to commit battery. Battery in Michigan is the intentional infliction of violence or force against another person.
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  • As with most crimes there are aggravating factors to an AWIM charge. Assaulting certain people can mean the prosecution might push for harsher sentencing. These victims can be police officers, emergency medical personnel, and other public workers. Other aggravating factors can also be previous violent felonies or a criminal record.
  • If you are charged with AWIM and were in possession of a firearm then you will most likely face Felony Firearm possession charges. This charge is essentially being arrested or charged with carrying or using a firearm while in the commission of another felony. If you are found innocent of AWIM you can still be found guilty of Felony Firearm possession which means a minimum two-year sentence. 

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